Caracol Maya Site

Belize Mayan Ruins

Caracol (Snail) is the largest known Maya city in Belize. In AD 650, the urban area of Caracol had a radius of approximately 177 square kilometers. It boasts the tallest man-made structure in the country and a dynasty that was desired and looked up upon by many, while hated and feared by others. It covered an area much larger than present day Belize City (the largest metropolitan area in the country of Belize) and supported more than twice the modern city’s population. Caracol is a must-see, as it is one of the largest cities of the classic period and was in the middle of a power struggle with powerful cities like Tikal and Naranjo in Guatemala.

Being specialized on Maya Hieroglyphs; during our tour you will learn about the kings of Caracol and their achievements based on the hieroglyphic evidence. A couple years ago Lion got the privilege of reporting one of the last carved monuments at Caracol. The date of this monument adds 25 years more of hieroglyphic history to this great royal linage.

We also offer the Caracol tour combined with a refreshing stop at Rio on Pools to cool off after a long day at the site.

Tour Duration:
7:30 am – 5:00 pm
What’s included:
Transportation to and from your hotel, park entrance fee, tour guide, lunch, water and a soda
Level of Difficulty:
Moderate – involves hiking, swimming, steps and hill climbing
Chiquibul national park in Maya Mountains / South of San Ignacio Town
Travel time to site:
A 2.5 hours scenic trip from San Ignacio Town
Useful Stuff:
sturdy hiking shoes, towel, bathing suite, bug spray, camera, sun screen, spending money for souvenirs.

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